1500 Calorie Diet: 5 Reasons To Try It

A 1500 calorie diet is considered to be a healthy approach to weight loss. Here are the top five reasons why this diet works so well:

1500 calorie diet1. The 1500 calories diet allows you enough calories to nourish your body. Diets that are too low in calories can cause your body to go into starvation mode which makes it harder to lose the weight and easier to gain it back.

2. This type of diet allows you enough calories to include all sections of the food pyramid which is essential to optimal health. Anytime you exclude any element of the food pyramid you are putting your over-all health at risk.

3. You will typically lose weight at about five pounds a month. This is slower than fad diets, but healthier for the long term. The fact is that the slower you lose the weight the higher chance you have of keeping it off. It allows you to learn new eating behaviors as you diet, lose weight, and change your life.

4. The 1500 calories diet gives you enough calories for energy so that you can exercise effectively. Losing weight is not just about eating, but also about incorporating exercise into your life. A diet that is too low in calories or based on just a couple of foods will drain your energy and make it difficult to exercise. However, this type of diet is perfect for balanced nutrition which makes exercise much easier and certainly healthier.

5. This diet allows you to have a treat now and then. It provides enough calories that you can eat a healthy selection of foods and even indulge a craving once in a while. This will keep your diet from becoming boring and it will be much easier to stay on track.

It will be important to keep careful track of your calories by writing down everything that you eat. Don’t be tempted to just keep track of it in your head. It’s much too easy to fool yourself. Keeping a food journal is your visual accountability.

Make a list of the foods you like to eat. Make sure you have something from every category of the food pyramid and then educate yourself on the calories that these foods contain. Add your favorite restaurants so that you can participate socially as well. The key to success for a 1500 calorie diet is planning and education. The more you plan for your diet day and educate yourself on calories, the more successful you will be.

Add gentle exercise to the program and you have a winning combination. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. Just an evening walk will help bump up your metabolism and encourage weight loss. Invite a friend to walk with you. It can be a talk and walk that’s fun and good for you. Better yet, invite your whole family out. It’s a great way to help your family adopt healthier choices too.

The 1500 calorie diet is the sensible, smart approach to not only losing weight but losing weight for life. It allows you to learn as you go, make behavior modifications, and stay with it as an ongoing lifestyle choice.

1500 Calorie Diet – Menu

Although it is best that any weight loss effort be done consistently, safely, and moderately for the optimal results, using a 1500 calorie diet menu weight loss plan that will “kickstart” an eating regimen and exercise plan might be the thing to build confidence and motivation to continue to lose weight regularly, as well as get in shape for that highly competitive swimsuit season.

Either way, a 1500 calorie weight loss plan that works effectively can be really beneficial. For most people, a fifteen hundred calorie diet plan can do either one of two things: it can be the basis of promoting healthy eating habits by portion control and good food selection, and it can promote healthy weight loss at a weekly pace. This is the desired effect for most people who want to lose weight. Safe and steady in any diet effor is the way to go.

Most 1500 weight loss plans begin with some simple premise that will allow you to drop weight quickly in the first week. Many fifteen hundred calorie eating plans are low fat eating plans that will allow you to lose excess fluid and “brown fat” (fat that is around for no good reason on hips, thighs, and stomach) within two weeks. It is not uncommon to experience a five to ten pound weight loss within that period. It then makes good sense to optimize weight loss efforts within the first two weeks to get the greatest results. They also have some carbohydrate restriction that will want you to step up protein consumption, something that will stave off hunger and increase fat burning and fat loss. These weight loss plans work fast within the first two weeks along with a decent effort of thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise as well. By the time you have gotten off ten pounds, you are looking great, feeling great, and are ready to meet your weight loss goals.

1500 Calorie Diet Menu – Portion Control

Another advantage of a good 1500 calorie diet is that you learn portion control, which comes in handy when faced with eating fast food or in restaurants when there is generally too much on the plate. A fifteen hundred calorie eating plan teaches good eating habits and how to not overeat in any situation.

It can substantive enough to stave off hunger, and keep weight loss goals within reach. Most folks on a 1500 calorie eating plan can expect to lose at least one to two pounds a week without fail, and not feel hungry, famished and deprived. It allows you to choose from all food groups, even carbohydrates, fruits, and fats in moderation. Fifteen hundred calories can sustain just about anyone without them feeling deprived.

Fifteen hundred calorie weight loss plans can work even faster with the use of supplements that contain green tea, apple cider vinegar, reservatrol, and acai can give additional fat burning support. With portion control, moderate diet and increase weight loss. For those who want to take a different approach, incorporating a good supplement might be an alternative means to meet immediate weight loss goals.

Simple Tricks to Lose Weight In Just A Few Short Weeks

1500 Calorie Diet Planner

Today we had a chili cook-off competition at work, the same as we do every Halloween. I think that everyone enjoys the day, a few people dress up in costumes (most are actually really good) and many people just enjoy eating the chili. I like chili, I probably like it a lot, but today as usual I brought my lunch to work and avoided the chili. While I do not currently use a 1500 calorie diet planner, I do eat a pretty healthy lunch every day I go to work.

Calorie Diet Plans

While there are some restricted calorie diet plans that can work, it is finding something that you can live with long term that is going to give you the greatest results. I have found that eating healthy is actually fun, every day I bring at least two servings of fruit, a serving of vegetables, Flaxseed bread with low fat lunch meat and mustard, along with a couple of servings of Almonds.

Metabolic Diet

This is something that I found that I can live with, and do not feel the least bit restricted in my eating. I enjoy eating those healthy foods, and do so every day. Finding something that you can do for a long time is where you will get the best payoffs with weight loss. There are different metabolic diet fads that go around, one of the current fads is to fast a couple of times per week where you go on severely restricted calorie intake, which will help to cleanse the body and there are studies out that show that it can help keep your mind healthy as well.

What To Eat For Weight Loss

Finding what to eat for weight loss is really a personal matter. There was a time in my life that I found that eating nothing but ham sandwiches, oatmeal bars and popcorn was all that I needed to lose weight, and they were foods that I enjoyed. The interesting thing about those things, and largely the way I identified them was that they were low fat and high in fiber. Of course if you think about eating just those few items it is probably easy to see that while it may help you lose weight it is not very healthy. Virtually no fruits or vegetables, so I have now tried to really go overboard on the fruits and vegetables as a source of carbohydrates as the processed foods really are not that good for you.

1500 Calorie Meal Plan

I have tried many different diets over the years, and while they all can naturally help you lose weight, we have to remember that we are not in this life for just a few weeks or months, but need to find a diet that we can live with. You can find a 1500 calorie meal plan that may work for you, but the biggest thing that you need to realize is that when calories in is less than calories out you will lose weight. Eat healthy food, and exercise when you can and you will be able to maintain nearly any weight you want to.