1500 Calorie Diet: 5 Reasons To Try It

A 1500 calorie diet is considered to be a healthy approach to weight loss. Here are the top five reasons why this diet works so well:

1500 calorie diet1. The 1500 calories diet allows you enough calories to nourish your body. Diets that are too low in calories can cause your body to go into starvation mode which makes it harder to lose the weight and easier to gain it back.

2. This type of diet allows you enough calories to include all sections of the food pyramid which is essential to optimal health. Anytime you exclude any element of the food pyramid you are putting your over-all health at risk.

3. You will typically lose weight at about five pounds a month. This is slower than fad diets, but healthier for the long term. The fact is that the slower you lose the weight the higher chance you have of keeping it off. It allows you to learn new eating behaviors as you diet, lose weight, and change your life.

4. The 1500 calories diet gives you enough calories for energy so that you can exercise effectively. Losing weight is not just about eating, but also about incorporating exercise into your life. A diet that is too low in calories or based on just a couple of foods will drain your energy and make it difficult to exercise. However, this type of diet is perfect for balanced nutrition which makes exercise much easier and certainly healthier.

5. This diet allows you to have a treat now and then. It provides enough calories that you can eat a healthy selection of foods and even indulge a craving once in a while. This will keep your diet from becoming boring and it will be much easier to stay on track.

It will be important to keep careful track of your calories by writing down everything that you eat. Don’t be tempted to just keep track of it in your head. It’s much too easy to fool yourself. Keeping a food journal is your visual accountability.

Make a list of the foods you like to eat. Make sure you have something from every category of the food pyramid and then educate yourself on the calories that these foods contain. Add your favorite restaurants so that you can participate socially as well. The key to success for a 1500 calorie diet is planning and education. The more you plan for your diet day and educate yourself on calories, the more successful you will be.

Add gentle exercise to the program and you have a winning combination. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. Just an evening walk will help bump up your metabolism and encourage weight loss. Invite a friend to walk with you. It can be a talk and walk that’s fun and good for you. Better yet, invite your whole family out. It’s a great way to help your family adopt healthier choices too.

The 1500 calorie diet is the sensible, smart approach to not only losing weight but losing weight for life. It allows you to learn as you go, make behavior modifications, and stay with it as an ongoing lifestyle choice.

1500 Calorie Diet – Menu

Although it is best that any weight loss effort be done consistently, safely, and moderately for the optimal results, using a 1500 calorie diet menu weight loss plan that will “kickstart” an eating regimen and exercise plan might be the thing to build confidence and motivation to continue to lose weight regularly, as well as get in shape for that highly competitive swimsuit season.

Either way, a 1500 calorie weight loss plan that works effectively can be really beneficial. For most people, a fifteen hundred calorie diet plan can do either one of two things: it can be the basis of promoting healthy eating habits by portion control and good food selection, and it can promote healthy weight loss at a weekly pace. This is the desired effect for most people who want to lose weight. Safe and steady in any diet effor is the way to go.

Most 1500 weight loss plans begin with some simple premise that will allow you to drop weight quickly in the first week. Many fifteen hundred calorie eating plans are low fat eating plans that will allow you to lose excess fluid and “brown fat” (fat that is around for no good reason on hips, thighs, and stomach) within two weeks. It is not uncommon to experience a five to ten pound weight loss within that period. It then makes good sense to optimize weight loss efforts within the first two weeks to get the greatest results. They also have some carbohydrate restriction that will want you to step up protein consumption, something that will stave off hunger and increase fat burning and fat loss. These weight loss plans work fast within the first two weeks along with a decent effort of thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise as well. By the time you have gotten off ten pounds, you are looking great, feeling great, and are ready to meet your weight loss goals.

1500 Calorie Diet Menu – Portion Control

Another advantage of a good 1500 calorie diet is that you learn portion control, which comes in handy when faced with eating fast food or in restaurants when there is generally too much on the plate. A fifteen hundred calorie eating plan teaches good eating habits and how to not overeat in any situation.

It can substantive enough to stave off hunger, and keep weight loss goals within reach. Most folks on a 1500 calorie eating plan can expect to lose at least one to two pounds a week without fail, and not feel hungry, famished and deprived. It allows you to choose from all food groups, even carbohydrates, fruits, and fats in moderation. Fifteen hundred calories can sustain just about anyone without them feeling deprived.

Fifteen hundred calorie weight loss plans can work even faster with the use of supplements that contain green tea, apple cider vinegar, reservatrol, and acai can give additional fat burning support. With portion control, moderate diet and increase weight loss. For those who want to take a different approach, incorporating a good supplement might be an alternative means to meet immediate weight loss goals.

Five Benefits of a Low Carb Diet Plan Like Paleo

With so many diet plans available today, it can be difficult to know which one to use when you are trying to lose weight. Each diet plan has its upsides and drawbacks. It would be a good idea to discuss them with a medical expert before you make any major alterations to your eating habits.

Among the diets that have been around for so many years and have been of great help to many people who wanted to lose weight is the low carb diet. In this diet, you are supposed to limit the amount of carbs that you consume on a daily basis.

The number of carbs that you eat per day in a low carb diet plan like paleo depends on how much weight you would like to lose or your condition. However, most people usually limit themselves to 20 to 50 grams of in a day in order to achieve the best weight loss results faster.

Even though it is called a low carb diet, it is also important to know that it emphasizes protein intake. However, you need to make sure that they are good proteins that will not make your weight loss mission harder, for instance fish, chicken breasts and egg whites.

HealthBenefitsImageThere are so many benefits associated with taking a low carb diet plan for weight loss. Check out five of them below.

  1. Leads to More Weight Loss

If you are a mission to lose weight, cutting intake of carbs is one of the simplest as well as most effective ways to do so. Research shows that people that are on low carb diets usually lose more weight faster compared to people that are on low fat diets.

One of the reasons why the low carb diet is very effective for weight loss is the fact that it tends to get rid of excess water from the body. When the amount of water in the body is reduced, the insulin levels become lower, something that causes the kidneys to start shedding the extra sodium in the body. This in turn leads to rapid weight loss.

If you compare someone that is on a low carb diet to someone that is on a low fat diet, the low carb dieter is going to lose about two to three times as much weight as the low fat dieter without being so hungry. However, it is important to know that it takes a lot of dedication to be able to achieve great weight loss results in a short time.

To get the most out of a low carb diet plan, you should think of it as a lifestyle, and not a diet. You need to stick to it if you want to be able to succeed in the long term.

  1. Leads to Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

When carbs are consumed, they are usually converted into simple sugars into the digestive tract; mostly glucose. They then enter the bloodstream and raise the blood sugar levels.

Since elevated blood sugar levels are not safe for the body, it responds to them with a hormone known as insulin. This hormone causes the simple sugars in the blood stream to enter into cells where they are burnt or stored.

If you are healthy, the quick response of the insulin hormone minimizes the rise in blood sugar so as to prevent it from harming you. However, if you have any major problems in your system, you may have what is known as insulin resistance. What this is means is that cells are not able to see the insulin, and as a result it is hard for the body to burn or store the simple sugars.

If you face insulin resistance, you may be at a high risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is because your body will not be able to secrete enough insulin in order to lower blood sugar levels after meals. By cutting intake of carbs, you will be removing the need for all that insulin, and as a result both insulin and blood sugars will go way down.


  1. Leads a Reduction in Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure, which is also called hypertension, is a risk factor to a lot of diseases, including stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, among many others.

When you reduce the intake of carbs, you will reduce blood pressure tremendously. When the blood pressure levels in your body are low, the risk of getting the aforementioned diseases will be lower. As a result, you will be able to live longer.

  1. Treatment Against Metabolic Syndrome

A low carb diet is one of the most effective treatments that can be used for controlling the metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is a medical condition that is usually associated with the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Actually, the metabolic syndrome is actually a collection of symptoms, including elevated blood pressure, abdominal density, high triglycerides, elevated fasting blood sugar levels and low HDL levels. If you have any of these symptoms and then start using a carb diet, you will see a dramatic improvement.

Some major health organizations usually recommend a low fat diet for treating the metabolic syndrome. However, it is not as effective as the low carb diet because it does not address the underlying metabolic problem.

  1. Treatment of Some Brain Disorders

It is very true that glucose is very important for the brain. There are some parts of the brain that can only burn glucose. As a result, the liver is forced to produce glucose out of protein if you do not eat any carbs.

However, some parts of the brain are also responsible for burning ketones that are formed when carbohydrate intake is very low or during starvation. The low carb diet can be used for treating epilepsy in children that do not respond to drugs. This diet is also being studied for other brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

When taking a low carb diet, you may suffer from various side effects, including constipation and headaches. To avoid these side effects, you need to make sure that fruits, grains, and vegetables are part of the diet because they are very helpful in the digestion process. Other side effects that you may experience include muscle cramps, bad breath and general weakness. Make sure that you seek advice from a medical expert for proper ways to deal with them.


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Five Things To Look For In Weight Loss Shakes written by: alphae

Weight loss shakes can help you remove the excess weight as well as body fat that you have in your body effectively. They have been around for many years now. Back in the day, they were used by professionals that did not have enough time to stop and eat lunch during the day. Nowadays, they are commonly used by a lot of individuals that are a mission to shed excess weight.

You are going to find these diet shakes to be of great help especially if you are an active person that is always on the go and have a challenge finding consistency in your diet. They will also help if you cannot seem to find enough time to go to the gym for some weight loss exercises.

Even though there are many fast food chains out there that can offer you a temporary sufficient meal while you are on the go, you will not want to take a snack that is full of unwanted fats or calories when trying to lose weight. Diet shakes will keep your health in check all the time while also helping you lose unwanted weight fast.


On the market, you will find two different types of shakes; meal supplements and meal replacements. Meal supplements are supposed to be used supplements, so you should never use them in place of regular meals. Meal replacements on the other hand can be consumed in place of regular meals.

With many different types of weight loss shakes out there, it can be a little bit challenging to know which ones will be effective when it comes to helping you lose weight. The following are the five things you need to look for in these shakes.


This is the first thing you should look for in any diet shake you are buying. This is because too much calories will make it hard for you to lose weight. You need to look at the caloric content and make sure that the diet shakes match the weight loss program that you will be using.

You also need to make sure that the calories in the shakes you are taking are not too few. This is because such calories will not be effective when it comes to controlling hunger. They may also be too restrictive.

If you have a busy schedule, you need to make sure that the calories you consume from the energy can still be able to give you enough energy to sustain you. You do not have to feel starved just because you want to shed off a number of pounds.


When choosing diet shakes for weight loss, you need to make sure that they taste good. Even though most diet products will never taste great, it does not mean that you have to force yourself to eat something that tastes like cardboard.

Look for shakes that are not too bland and offer various flavors that you can choose from without feeling constrained to something that you do not like. You will not miss to find fantastic tasting shakes that are perfectly meant for you on the market.

However, you need to make sure that the taste of the diet shakes is not enhanced by artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose which have high caloric content. Other sweeteners you should make sure that the shakes do not have include glucose, dextrose, refined sugars, processed honey and molasses.

Nutritional Value

You need to make sure that the shakes that you are taking provide optimal nutrition. This will be especially important if you intend for the shakes to be meal replacements. They need to have the nutrients that you get from regular meals.

The best diet shakes need to have lots of vitamins and minerals. They should also be able to compensate for any nutrients that you might have lost as a result of skipping some meals.

It is also important to check the shakes and make sure that they have the right quantity and kinds of carbs. The best ones are those that have a low-carb option, and the ones to avoid are those that have high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin and fructose.


You will need to look for weight loss shakes that are affordable to you. Even if you may want to lose weight really fast, this does not mean that you have to use your money on expensive shakes and strain other aspects of your life.

However, this does not mean that you have to go for the cheapest diet shakes on the market, because a really low price means poor quality. It may take you ages to see any good weight loss results from such shakes.


There are mid-range price diet shakes on the market that will do just fine when it comes to losing weight. However, you will need to check their reviews first and make sure they are great before purchasing them.

If you are serious about finding diet shakes that can help you shed excess weight fast, there are many websites and blogs that can help your search. You can also develop your own shakes and enjoy the extra effort of keeping your weight checked all the time.

Whether you choose to buy the diet shakes or make them on your own, you need to make sure that they offer great taste as well as well-balanced nutrition that will be suitable to your weight loss needs. If you eat three meals in a day and you are considering replacing some of the meals with diet shakes, a meal replacement shake will be great. However, if you just want the diet shake to supplement what you are already taking, a meal supplement will be just fine.

Whatever your weight loss goal is, you should never deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to function properly. Using the shakes with the hope that they will keep you stay full until the next day may cause unhealthy cravings or immune systems impairments. So be sure to have a recipe for your weight loss program, and never forget to eat nutritious and healthy shakes.